The Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) Network Attack Characterization and Simulation Test bed (NACMAST) is a consortium of government, academic, and commercial entities whose purpose is to mitigate attacks aimed at America's computer networks.  Attacks upon our customers networks are averted through the application of a mixture of reactive and proactive techniques, among these are: performing retrospective network traffic analysis, conducting network vulnerability assessments, constantly monitoring network traffic, detecting threats in real time using our proprietary automated alerting systems, and by anticipating future threats through research and development.  We support our customers by providing a comprehensive set of network security solutions designed to improve their overall security posture.

The EWA Bowling Green Computer Network Defense Service Provider (BGCNDSP) is the operational wing of the NACMAST consortium.  The BGCNDSP was established in 2009 as an enclave of the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD.  The BGCNDSP operates from within the EWA Government Systems, Inc offices in Bowling Green, Ky.  The BGCNDSP provides network defense services to both government and non-government entities within the United States.